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    Skin Graft Mesher MT-7C

    Product NameSkin Graft Mesher


    Intended UseIt is a device used for making different expansion ratios reticular skin for grafting during burn and plastic surgery by medical organization.

    Standard ComponentsIt consists of 1 main frame ,1 continuous feed roller,1 cutting roller,1 ratchet handle, and 4 boxes skin graft    carriers.

    Special Features

    (1) Easy & Efficient:

    * MT-7C adopts fixed pattern skin graft carrier design. It can make different expansion ratio reticular skin by selecting different pattern skin graft carrier without changing cutting rollers.

    (2) Wide Range:

    * MT-7C supports expansion ratios 1.5:1,3:1,4.5:1,6:1,9:1.

    * We can customize special expansion ratios.

    (3) Durable:

    * Non-die roller design, longer lifetime, single blade can be replaced , lower maintenance cost.

    * The whole device and rollers are anti-corrosive, the rollers are sharp and will not be rusty.

    (4) Low Maintenance:

    * No lubrication required for the bearing of the machine, easy maintenance.

    * Various sterilization methods are applicable, such as pre-vacuum and gravity displacement steam sterilization or low temperature   plasma sterilization, etc.

    Ordering Information

    Product No.



    Skin Graft Mesher(MT-7C)


    Ratchet Handle


    Cutting Roller


    Autoclave Case


    Skin Graft Carriers(1.5:1)


    Skin Graft Carriers(3:1)


    Skin Graft Carriers(4.5:1)


    Skin Graft Carriers(6:1)


    Skin Graft Carriers(9:1)

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