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    Medical Dermatome Blade MT-A-106

    Product NameMedical Dermatome Blade


    Intended Use〗It is a device used for skin peeling.

    〖Standard Components〗It consists of blade and holder.The blade normally has edge and installation slot connected with handpiece.The blade is normally made of pure titanium,titanium alloy,stainless steel,or carbon steel material. It is non-sterile offered.

    〖Special Features〗

    1It is made of high grade stainless steel,the hardness is higher than 35 HRC,the edge is sharp that

    can harvest thin and regular skin graft.

    (2)It has self-lubricating function, no need be lubricated before use.

    (3)Easy installation and detachment.

    (4)Suit for many different brands electric or pneumatic dermatome.

    (5)We suggest single use only for preventing cross infection,but is also can be re-sterilized for 3-4 times by EO or low-temperature plasma.

    Ordering Information

    Product No.



    Medical Dermatome Blades(10/Box)

    Standard ComponentsIt consists of 1 main frame ,1 continuous feed roller,2 expansion/cutting rollers, 1 ratchet handle , and 2 boxes skin graft carriers.

    Special Features

    (1) Mult-use: one machine two functions, it can make both reticular skin and pieces square skin,which can meet different clinical demands.

    (2) Easy Operation:

    * The rollers adopt combination design of pieces single blade, blade is sharper, cutting is easier.

    * Meet different demands of skin grafting surgeries by changing different types of rollers.

    (3) Various Specifications:

    * Various specifications of rollers for choice:

    For Square Function: 3x3mm,4x4mm,5x5mm,7x7mm,10x10mm,12x12mm,20x20mm

    For Mesher Function: 1:1,1.5:1,2:1,3:1,4:1,4.5:1,5:1,6:1

    * Various specifications of skin graft carriers for matching different types of machine:

    For Square Function: 100x100mm,150x150mm

    For Mesher Function: 100x200mm,100x400mm,120x260mm

    (4) Durable:

    * Non-die roller design, longer lifetime, single blade can be replaced , lower maintenance cost.

    * The whole device and rollers are anti-corrosive, the rollers are sharp and will not be rusty.

    (5) Low Maintenance:

    * No lubrication required for the bearing of the machine, easy maintenance.

    * Various sterilization methods are applicable, such as pre-vacuum and gravity displacement steam sterilization or low temperature   plasma sterilization, etc.

    Ordering Information (XX in Product No. means specification)

    Product No.



    Skin Grafting Multi-use MachineMT-4


    Ratchet Handle


    Cutting Roller For Square Function


    Expansion Roller For Mesher Function


    Autoclave Case


    Skin Graft Carrier For Square Function (150x150mm)


    Skin Graft Carrier For Mesher Function (120x260mm)

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