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    The 2nd Global Medical Device Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition ended

    On October 28th, the “Green City·Smart Xianju” China·Xianju Second Global Medical Device Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition sponsored by the Xianju County Party Committee and People’s Government of Xianju County, after three months of fierce competition Later, the curtain came to an end in Xianju. In the end, the endoscope support assist system project and the application project of the MR system based on 3D fluoroscopy technology in the remote precision tumor surgery stood out from many participating projects and won the first prize of this competition.

    In the new round of industrial structure upgrading, Xianju takes high-end, green, and low-carbon as the orientation, regards the health industry as a new economic growth point to promote regional development, and continues to increase support for the development of the medical device industry. In April 2017, the first medical device industrial park named "Taizhou" was officially established in Xianju. With the medical device industry as the leading industry, the park is committed to building a medical device technology innovation and industrial upgrade base that integrates product research and development, achievement transformation, manufacturing and sales.

    After the completion of the park, policies such as "Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of High-end Medical Device Industry" and "Ten Policies for Talents Gathering of High-end Medical Devices in Xianju County" were successively introduced. Zhejiang's first innovative medical device service station, Shanghai Blue Bay Life and Health Industry First-class service institutions such as China Merchants Fund have been established successively, and medical devices are "rising up" in Xianju as the first strategic emerging industry.

    In September last year, the first China Xianju Global Medical Device Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition was launched in Shanghai. It lasted for five months. There were more than 150 outstanding entrepreneurial projects from China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Sign up for the competition. In the end, five projects including precision medical catheter and its derivative cardiovascular interventional medical device products and industrialization, and smart stethoscope settled in Xianju through the competition.

    In August of this year, the 2nd China Xianju Global Medical Device Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition set sail. "Based on the accumulated experience of the previous event, the organizing committee of this year's event decided to adopt a precise talent introduction model to connect talents and achieve deep integration of high-level talent projects with local characteristic industries." said Jin Hui, president of Zhejiang Saichuang Future, "' The successful implementation of the'precise talent introduction' model has gathered a number of well-developed medical device projects for Xianju. Among the 10 projects that participated in the finals today, 3 have already registered and completed the registration procedures in Xianju, and the subsequent landing work It is also developing in an orderly manner."

    As the executive unit of this competition, Zhejiang Saichuang Future Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. has a wealth of experience in attracting talents, adhering to the work philosophy of "precise industry, precise attracting talents, and precise incubation", and exploring a set of market-oriented talent attraction " “Zhejiang Model”, and build an investment service as the main line, integrate global resources, and provide a complete set of high-end entrepreneurship ecosystems at home and abroad through an entrepreneurial full ecological chain system of “introducing talents, capital assistance, in-depth incubation, landing services, and data empowerment” High-level talent entrepreneurship solutions help every high-level talent entrepreneur to achieve from 0 to 1.

    After the start of the competition, the competition organizing committee accurately invited 82 projects in the medical device field that meet the needs of the Xianju industry to participate through professional channels such as industry media, incubators, and scientific research institutions. After reviewing and recommending by professional investors, the organizing committee of the competition adopted the "invite in + go out" method to conduct in-depth project field inspections and invite outstanding projects to visit Xianju and communicate with local enterprises one-on-one.

    The ultrasonic uterine restoration project, which won the second prize of this competition, uses ultrasound focusing technology to converge ultrasonic energy to act on the uterus. Through mechanical, thermal, and biological effects, it stimulates the rhythmic contraction of uterine smooth muscles to promote the discharge of postpartum lochia and the uterus to restore Normal physiological state, and can effectively relieve postpartum pain, daily dysmenorrhea and other symptoms. At present, the project has completed industrial and commercial registration and has cooperated with many confinement centers. The output value in 2020 is expected to reach tens of millions of yuan.

    It is reported that the competition provides rich rewards and support for the winners. Winners of the first and second prizes of the competition, meet the introduction conditions of Taizhou’s "500 Elite Program", settle in Xianju within one year, meet relevant conditions, and can be directly identified as category B and C talents of Taizhou’s "500 Elite Program" , Respectively enjoy 3 million and 2 million project subsidies. The fund appropriation method refers to the fund appropriation method of Taizhou "500 Elite Program" entrepreneurial talent project subsidy fund. At the same time, the first prize winners of the competition will have the opportunity to be selected in the finals of the Taizhou "500 Elite Plan" series of entrepreneurial innovation competitions, and can further evaluate the category A talents of the Taizhou "500 Elite Plan" and enjoy 5 million project subsidies.

    Lin Hong, secretary of the Xianju County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, said: “Xianju regards medical devices as the first strategic emerging industry. Key industries such as high-end medical devices and new materials are newly selected as entrepreneurial talent projects in the "500 Elite Program". Increase the quota by 30%."

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