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    The aging population is coming, the demand for medical plastics is increasing

    In 2020, the first batch of baby boomers born in the 60s after the founding of the People’s Republic of China will officially enter the aging population stage. As a group of people with both consumer power and Internet awareness, but also consumer vision and quality, they will be officially included next year The medical security coverage system is of great significance to the domestic medical system and medical industry. With the continuous advancement of new materials, 3D printing technology, bionic materials and other technologies, the medical device industry's demand for plastics is also increasing. As early as the last century, the plastic raw materials used in most domestic medical devices were mostly concentrated in the stage of disposable plastic medical products based on PVC and PS. Since 2010, with the continuous improvement of the domestic medical system and the internationalization of the medical level, medical plastic products using PVC as raw materials have gradually shown performance defects, and they have been continuously replaced by new high-performance plastic materials using PP as raw materials. .

    According to the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, my country's medical device market will exceed 600 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate expected to reach 16.8%. This is interpreted by the market as a signal that China's medical devices are about to enter the golden decade. In terms of capital, the layout of the medical device industry has begun ahead of schedule. At the beginning of the year, the three Internet heads of BAT announced their official entry into the medical device market. At the same time, Huawei Group is also competing in smart devices and medical Internet technology. Driven by capital and technology, it is expected that the medical device market will usher in a leap in 2020, and high-end medical devices will gain huge room for development in this.

    At present, China's medical PE, PC, ABS and other plastics are still imported as the main source. However, some domestic companies have made technological breakthroughs in medical PP and PE. Lanzhou Petrochemical, North Jinhua, Maoming Petrochemical, Changling Refinery, Tianjin Petrochemical and other companies have mastered key production technologies in both medical special materials and high value-added polyolefin products. In March 2019, Maoming Petrochemical successfully trial-produced a new high-transparent impact-resistant polypropylene product PPB for medical syringes in the chemical distribution polypropylene workshop. -MT16; In May of the same year, the 100,000-ton polypropylene plant of the Changling Refining and Chemical Industry Department successfully used the degradation method to produce polypropylene non-woven fabric special material PPH-Y35X. The product quality is in compliance with international standards and can completely replace imports. Special materials.

    At present, the production lines of domestic refining and chemical enterprises mainly focus on expanding the development investment and production scale of special materials, and reducing the proportion of general-purpose materials. Advantageous companies even exceed 60% of the production of special materials. The production of high-value-added special materials brings about The optimization of the production structure and the improvement of the company's sales profit level. For the downstream demand of the high-end polyolefin product market, about 60% of the demand needs to be filled through imports, and the self-sufficiency rate of high-end special materials is less than 20%. In the next 10 years, as the proportion of aging population continues to rise, the era of consumption upgrade of polyolefin medical special materials will come. Compared with the low profit and low demand of low-end general-purpose materials, the demand for high-end high-performance polyolefins may Continued growth.

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