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    The fire is ruthless, there is love in the world——MJD Medical Supports Deep Burn Surgery

    The sun is scorching and explosion accidents are high. On the afternoon of August, Jiangsu MJD Medical Technology Co., Ltd. received a call for help from a northern provincial hospital and urgently needed a multi-purpose machine for burn plastic surgery the next morning to treat a 99.5% burn area. Patients with deep burns. Upon receiving the notification from the hospital, the company’s sales and technical staff immediately set off with a piece of equipment and drove non-stop for 8 hours, rain or shine, and finally rushed to the hospital in the early morning to deliver the equipment to the operating room and complete the disinfection work.

    In the morning of the next day, the company's sales and technical staff participated in the operation table and guided the use of the equipment. MJD series skinning multi-purpose machine, one machine with dual functions, can produce stamp skins and mesh skins; single-piece hob combination design, the blade is sharper, the skinning is easier, and the rollers of various specifications Shaft hob to meet the different needs of skin graft surgery; non-mold roller cutter design, longer service life, replaceable single blade, lower maintenance cost; the whole body and the roller hob are corrosion-resistant, and the knives are not sharp Rust; the main engine bearing does not need to be lubricated, and the maintenance is easy; a variety of sterilization methods are applicable, such as high temperature and high pressure steam or low temperature plasma sterilization. The use of MJD series skinning multi-purpose machine, machine skinning instead of manual skin cutting, greatly improves the efficiency of operation, shortens the operation time, and reduces the pain of patients. The director is also full of praise for our machine!

    The fire is ruthless and there is love in the world. We cannot prevent accidents from happening, but we can provide assistance as soon as the hospital needs it! MJD Medical focuses on the R&D, production and sales of skin grafting surgical equipment. The company's main products are: electric peeling knife, peeling machine, stretcher, shredder, peeling machine, peeling machine, etc. We will not forget our original aspirations, keep our mission in mind, and do our best to contribute to the society, the people and the medical cause with the most professional products and services.

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